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Cloud of pepper spray earlier than taking keys


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – A DeKalb County guy advised Channel 2 Action News he turned into pepper-sprayed and carjacked whilst filling up his fuel tank over the weekend.

The carjacking passed off around 7:30 a.M. Sunday at the Texaco on North Decatur Road in Scottdale.

The driving force had nearly no time to react seconds after choosing up the pump. On the opposite facet of the pump, a masked guy became looking forward to him — not with a gun — but with pepper spray that he used all around the victim’s face.

Surveillance video Channel 2’s Matt Johnson received indicates the instant the sufferer ran because the masked man chased him to get his car keys.

The sufferer passed his keys over, and police stated the carjacker took off in the sufferer’s vehicle.

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Johnson showed the video to customers at the Texaco.

“I’m already paranoid approximately my environment, but now it makes me need to be one using home. I don’t need to get gas over right here,” Savannah Smith said.

Detectives have recognized the robber with pepper spray as 21-yr-old Jevon Jackson.

They launched images of a 2d suspect they’re trying to pick out.

“I’m happy to realize that this passed off so I can be extra alert of my surroundings,” Larry Robinson stated.

The video shows the carjacker was waiting in a white Hyundai Elantra for capability victims.

Customer Thurman Blake stated he’s as cautious as feasible when pumping gasoline.

“I’m looking around. I ensure my keys are in my pocket,” Blake said.

Blake stated avoiding the fuel station isn’t always an option for him.

“It’s just sad. I suggest, how can you feature in a while? You can’t say, ‘I’m not going ever to purchase fuel once more,’” Blake stated.

The victim told Johnson he is doing OK after the attack. Police stated they’d received warrants for the robber however have no longer but positioned him.

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