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Do We Need A Tesla Electric Motorcycle?


Electric bikes are transferring in addition to the mainstream with each passing second. Spearheaded by California corporation Zero, and aided via the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, the attempt to make electric bikes a staple on our roads has gained momentum of past due. For many, electric cars are synonymous with Tesla. Elon Musk’s marque helped now not simplest make electric automobiles extra commonplace on our roads. However, he made them cool too.

This is why many want Tesla might flip its attention to bikes. An opinion piece by using Matthew DeBord of Insider Magazine is the ultra-modern public musing approximately this prospect, and it’s well worth taking a look at. DeBord is quick to point out the first and biggest impediment in recruiting Tesla to our purpose: Musk already said “no.”


In fact, Musk has “one of these matters nearly killed me” syndrome. A discomfort that takes place when a teenager is thrust onto a motorcycle via a friend with even much less ability or schooling than themselves and straight away crashes in a scarily impressive manner that makes them swear off bikes.

DeBord makes some other points; however, he misses the mark on a few. So let’s wreck down some of the greater salient points.

Mirroring Other Brands

Ignoring the point about Tesla being like Honda, which isn’t certainly relevant to anything, we get to the fact that Harley-Davidson can’t do it alone. This is proper. One top-notch issue approximately Tesla is that it has a fandom that aligns with Harley-Davidson’s own in lots of methods. Tesla people are fans—literally lining up in the thousands to position down a deposit on a car that wasn’t even a prototype but in a single case.

If Tesla ought to pass into bikes, they’d convey a whole lot of the one’s fanboys and fangirls with them. That might assist with DeBord’s subsequent factor.

Building Critical Mass

Not best could Tesla inject an immediate customer base into the lowest of the marketplace; however, Tesla could help the electric motorbike’s advantage legitimacy in the eyes of the common joe. Then, maybe we should watch as Tesla’s modern-day, urban fanatics went up against the H-D devoted—and that could be emblem warfare really worth the popcorn.

Electric Motorcycles Are Better?

Lol, no. On this, DeBord and I are wildly divergent. Electric bikes have a hell of a lot going for them, but they’re no longer always higher. Even after I sooner or later embrace my very personal electric-powered motorcycle, I’ll always be a fan of an internal combustion engine, a gearbox, and a seize. Those things, but make motorbikes less available for brand new riders. An electric motorbike and not using a clutch, no gearbox, and one-passed operation in maximum circumstances might make the previously intimidating seem smooth and even intuitive for brand spanking new entrants. Of route, we don’t want Tesla for that element.

So What Do We Need?

For electric bikes to take off, we need loads. Insurance rankings, government rules, and an important mass of big-scale trusted producers are the important thing. We need to bring the ones motorcycles to the marketplace, excite a combination of latest and present riders, and get them to throw down their difficult-earned cash. Charging technology and stations, even swappable batteries, are all troubles that need to be resolved before electric bikes take off massively.

A large logo like Tesla brings more superstar strength to court cases than just some other producer ought to. That’s why so many humans wish Tesla might dip its toe and produce that prepared-made cool component to the phase. We can develop our enterprise and the electrical aspect without Tesla even though, and I guess that we will.