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Fatal car crash in Columbia closes intersection for almost five hours


Police are investigating a first-rate vehicle crash that left a St. Charles, Missouri, man lifeless and closed an intersection in Columbia for nearly 5 hours Tuesday. Around 10:30 a.M., first responders were called to the corner of Illinois Route three (Admiral Parkway) and North Main Street to review an automobile accident, Columbia Police Chief Jerald D. Paul stated.

There, crews determined that a 2012 Toyota Prius pushed through Bradford S. Reinhold, 36, of Red Bud, had collided with a 2014 Chevrolet van driven by Timothy H. Kroeger, 49, of St. Charles. There had been no different occupants had been in either vehicle. Both drivers have been taken to a local clinic by Columbia EMS, Paul said. Kroeger died from his accidents there.

Fatal car crash

The crash closed the intersection for nearly five hours before it reopened Tuesday afternoon. The cause of the coincidence is being investigated via the Illinois State Police Traffic Reconstruction Unit. In horse-and-buggy days, flighty stallions every so often bolted and raced out-of-manage down crowded streets.

But, horses had “horse feel” and seldom drove head-on into the following wagon. Without horses to manual us, all of the foibles of humanity come into play. Are vehicle injuries necessary? Probably not now. But seeing that they are a truth of lifestyles in contemporary America and the fact “forewarned is forearmed,” here are some suggestions that will help you reduce your losses if you are involved in a single.


Even if you experience a bump to your vehicle or may have hit someone or something, you should forestall. Failing to stop may want to get you in an entire lot of problems.


If there was harm or the opportunity for damage, you ought to call the police.
If the other motive force asks you no longer to involve the police, you must truly call the police. From Revel in, I can tell you that those humans regularly don’t have coverage and attempt to weasel out of paying you in a while.

In twenty-five years, I even have the most effective twice visible at-fault drivers make the top on their promise to pay for harm after a twist of fate. One of these cases concerned me after I tapped every other car on an icy road and was requested to replace the car seat. Buying a new car seat changed into reasonably priced for me as it prevented an increase in my prices.

If your vehicle is in a coincidence and the individual using became rendered physically incapable of creating a twist of fate report, you then, because the car’s proprietor, must make sure the twist of fate is suggested to the police.

If any other driver reasons a twist of fate but does not prevent your high quality, get the license variety. If there are witnesses, get their names, addresses and make contact with numbers. Then came the police. Keep the witnesses on the scene until the police arrive.

If you are injured in a no-touch coincidence because of a driving force who flees the scene, you can be compensated by way of your uninsured motorist coverage. However, your service will require “impartial proof” that any other driving force precipitated the twist of fate.


Drivers must trade names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance records.


Make a diagram of the twist of fate, displaying the motors’ positions before, throughout, and after effects. Measure skid marks (if feasible), make sure the police do it, word the roles of visitors’ lights and street symptoms, estimate the respective driving speeds (in your facts), and file details about the weather and road conditions.
If viable, have pix-taking of the accident scene and any harm or harm to humans or cars.

Pictures of significant damage to your car or other motors can help you in case you later pursue a declaration for injuries.
Alternatively, minor harm on your automobile or every other car helps you if someone documents a claim in opposition as soon as I attempted a case where the insurance protection legal professional received an image of the minor harm to my customer’s vehicle and had it blown as much as to an exhibit measuring 4 ft through 4 feet.