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Here’s Some Proof That You’re Wrong for All You Fools That Think Colored Tires Aren’t a Great Idea


I’ve been pushing for colored tires due to the fact at least 2016. In those modern-day instances of ham radios and soups that consume like food and sweet bars with cookie crunches, it appears wild we’re nonetheless caught below the brutal, darkish tyranny of black-best tires.

If all people disagree with me, I submit the above photo as proof that you’re, regrettably, mistaken. This is a 1928 Opel Motoclub 500, which I saw this past week at Amelia Island, and it was proven at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1928 with those high-quality red tires and matching red leather, cables, and instrument markings. Outstream Video 00:00 00:00

Colored Tires

It’s an, in reality, lovable and exciting motorcycle, even past the crimson shoes. And this wasn’t just some one-off; manufacturing motorcycles have been constructed and bought with those cute scarlet rubber dinguses. You can watch Jay Leno geek out approximately it lower back in 2012:

Also, this equal motorcycle was outfitted with rocket engines; due to the recall, Fritz von Opel turned into a form of remarkable kook: I can’t say that rocket motors ought to be a choice for every automobile. However, I assume I could understand the controversy for colored tires, primarily based on the Motoclub here. For the ones of you still unsure about the power of wheels of color, I hope this may come up with a purpose to reconsider.