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QOTD: Most Overpriced Non-luxurious Vehicle of the 2000s?


I hinted at these days’ QOTD closing week, while the authentic post for this line of wondering got the ball rolling. Last time we requested which non-luxurious vehicles of 2019 had been the maximum overpriced. The next feedback pondered a wide variety of nuanced reviews, starting from “Everything over $25,000 is overpriced” to “Cars have to come used from the factory.” Just kidding (perhaps).

Today we step lower back over a decade and talk about every person’s preferred rounded and reasonably-priced plastic generation: the 2000s. As the Nineteen Nineties said good-bye, the Golden Era of this and that diminished from view. Cost-reducing became greater apparent, styling entered a bubble-cum-retro segment, and indoors buttons for lots automobiles have been sourced from Fisher-Price.

Corny pixelated presentations arrived, reflecting climate controls which had been once directed using buttons. Satellite navigation was the hot new luxury choice, allowing your automobile to yell at you even as you had been lost in an awful part of the metropolis. At least the satellite tv for pc connection brought a good deal of track and leisure for automobile journeys. Amid all of the chaos of emerging infotainment and accountant-engineers, some vehicles were honestly overpriced. Have a take a look at this dude.

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I’m selecting Ford again for this special presenting. Five years after the demise of the previous technology, Ford determined to reincarnate its Thunderbird in an all-new retro fashion, as it changed into the style within the early 2000s. Returning to traditional form, rear seats vanished. The convertible which became absent thru previous generations returned, with an elective hardtop to make matters coupe-like. Jaguar contributed it’s three.9-liter V8 and the Lincoln LS became the bin used for the underwhelming indoors.

The first yr models bought properly, and Motor Trend even offered Thunderbird it’s North American Car of the Year award. Speaking of income, we have to check the pricing. Prices ranged between $36,960 and $38,890 (about $50,000 in 2019 bucks) before any additional dealer markup — which was, at instances, great. It became an opportunistic sell primarily based upon unfashionable styling and a legendary nameplate. Sales dropped off soon after, and 2007 changed into the coffin 12 months for Thunderbird. Good riddance.