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How many miles are too many for a used car?


When it involves automobile shopping, you want your new-to-you used automobile to offer you heaps or tens of hundreds of miles of hassle-free transportation. And common experience suggests that the fewer miles a used car has, the longer it will faithfully serve you. But with used automobile charges at file highs, a better mileage automobile might also better match your price range.

Is buying an excessive-mileage vehicle a good idea? Is the decrease-miles-equals-higher-car correlation a tough-and-fast rule to stay by using? The real answers to those questions are a bit more nuanced thanar at the start blush. Exceptions exist, and they’re no longer usually obvious.
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All this begs the obvious question: how many miles should a used vehicle have, anyway?


To provide you with a higher feel of an appropriate mileage for a used car – and why that’s a hard metric to a degree – while an excessive-mileage vehicle might be the better buy, we’ve done the studies and flushed out the information. All the following are well worth retaining in mind the subsequent time you’re scrutinizing an odometer at your nearby dealership:
Use and Abuse

All cars get driven, but the line between used and abused is exceptional. Some proprietors are so passionate they’ll keep each receipt about their automobile, be it oil adjustments, fuel fill-ups, or car washes. Others will most effectively be privy to the need to carrier their car when caution lighting begins flickering on the dash.

Most humans will fall into the spectrum between those two extremes. But while there are two comparable cars with unique mileage, you should move for the higher-maintained automobile rather than the lower-mile car. Of route, there’s a restriction to this – an auto with 30,000 miles is superior to 1 with three hundred 000 miles. But if the gulf in mileage is only ten or twenty grand, could you substitute the lower-mile disregarded automobile or higher-mile pampered one?

To get a sense of protection records, the pleasant sources are actual receipts for services or a log of completed repairs. If those renovation records are not to be had – and it’s not unusual if they aren’t – a carfax or Autocheck car history record will expose any recognized provider report history in its document. These reviews may also name any earlier injuries, which is something else you need to avoid, irrespective of the mileage.

Feeling confident about an automobile’s records is probably more important than any other component, consisting of the variety of miles displayed on the odometer. Many iSeeCars used vehicle listings hyperlink to free Carfax and Autocheck reports. To supplement those vehicle records reviews, iSeeCars offers everything you must understand about a used automobile, including pricing analysis, listings history, and projected depreciation with its loose VIN test device. Restaurants adding 20% ‘fair salary service charge’ to each bill

And don’t discount the simple act of peeking under the hood. If you pull the dipstick and spot dark and sludgy oil, it’s overdue for an alternate. Cracked belts and hoses are also likely beyond their top. Murky coolant is equally regarding. All these symptoms factor into bad renovation and immoderate put on and tear, which can mean added headaches down the road (if you want a complete guide to inspecting a used car, see what to search for while shopping for a used automobile).

On the flip facet of all that is disuse. Sometimes a vehicle rarely gets used and spends most of its life gathering dirt in some garage. Eventually, when this car hits the market, the vendor will probably try to get a top Greenback thanks to its abnormally low mileage.

On the face of it, it looks as if the top class might be worth it – how frequently can you find a like-new example of an antique, discontinued vehicle? For people who swear via a positive product – think loyal Town Car consumers or diesel truck consumers – any such discovery seems like a godsend.

But there’s a catch. Certain elements will break down when a vehicle sits for a prolonged period. Rubbers, seals, and gaskets are excellent examples of this –while sufficient time passes, those pliable additives will flip brittle and become useless no matter usage. It’s now not uncommon for a strangely low-miles car to spout leaks after suddenly being pressed into everyday service, way to those rubber components failing. Billionaire Orlando Bravo makes $250k donation to help Surfside rental disintegrate sufferers.

The irony here is that if the car had been driven often, this might no longer have been an issue – the thermal enlargement and contraction. At the same time, an engine is administered, and the light lubrication of any passing fluids may also have prolonged the deterioration of these rubbers.

This particular difficulty is most effectively relevant for older but very low-mile vehicles – suppose a ten-year antique automobile with most effective 30,000 or fewer miles on it. These are uncommon reveals and can be worth shopping for if you have a soft spot for a positive make and version; however, be wary of potential highly-priced fixes hiding in an underused automobile.


You additionally want to be cautious of a more moderen car that has accumulated mileage some distance beyond the countrywide yearly common of 12,000-15,000 miles a year. For any automobile with such a serious annual mileage method, the motive force becomes doing hefty seat time. Racking up miles at any such clip approach, more maintenance can inevitably be wanted sooner.

You might be able to pick up a higher-mile vehicle for cheaper, but you’re much closer to essential servicing for such things as timing belts, cooling systems, and brakes. Servicing these structures isn’t reasonably priced – spending may be deferred if you buy a lower-mile vehicle.

How Old of a Used Car Should I Buy?

It’s worth reiterating that an ordinary commuter’s once-a-year average yearly mileage is 12,000-15,000 miles every 12 months. In tIn, this method, a five-yr old car is probably sitting at 60,000 – seventy-five 000 miles; a ten-12-month-old vehicle also displays 120,000 – one hundred fifty 000 miles at the odometer.

At a positive point in a vehicle’s life, unexpected maintenance will start going on with increasing frequency. There’s no tough age or mileage at which this happens, but it occurs regularly when the automobile is eight-10 years old and one hundred and 000-one hundred and twenty 000 miles. This is inevitable – engineers can’t construct cars to remain for all time. If there’s a positive age or mileage to avoid, it’s the decade-vintage vehicle whose odometer reading already shows six figures.

Mileage and vehicle age are indelibly tied collectively; however, much like mileage, there’s no unmarried proper answer as to what’s a very good age for a used vehicle. Generally, you want the most modern automobile you can pay for in your price range. But the same old used-automobile concerns persist – if a car is a year or two older than you would like but turned maintained properly and never in a coincidence, it’s a higher purchase than a newer car that has been in a coincidence or poorly maintained. As always, normal condition is paramount.

Highway Miles Versus City Miles

Another factor to remember is the type of mileage a vehicle has accumulated. For example, a new car sold in a New York City borough could have a far rougher existence than one offered new in rural Arizona. Why? That New York vehicle could be banging over potholes and swerving past visitors in its rush to move from stoplight to stoplight. The Arizona vehicle will, in all likelihood, be doing serene cruising on the clean asphalt that ribbons through the wasteland.

In all likelihood, the auto in spacious Arizona will rack up a great bit more miles than its NYC counterpart. But the wilderness miles represent top mileage: mileage that accumulates with certain ease now not determined in city driving. The cause for that is the same reason dealers love to boast approximately motorway miles in their advertising: an open avenue and not using turns to contend with or stoplights to brake for is the least demanding situation for an automobile. The state of affairs also racks up the mileage the quickest.

City vehicles that aren’t taxicabs or rideshare cars will probably cross nicely belowcountrywideywide yearly common of 12,000 miles a year. But they’ll wear out quicker thanks to the nature of urban conditions as opposed to automobiles that, in large part, see lengthy highway journeys.

The Bottom Line

Mileage must be considered one critical component among many essential elements while shopping for a used automobile. You want the lowest mile vehicle you may get that has been well maintained, never in a coincidence, and used often. Sometimes this blend means passing up on the lowest-mile car you locate. That’s OK. More miles gained’t kill a vehicle, but prior neglect will.

Shop clever and buy the nicest car you can find, and you’ll also get many miles of happy motoring. Suppose you’re equipped to begin the automobile shopping process. In that case, you can seek over 4 million new and used automobiles with iSeeCars’ award-winning automobile search engine that facilitates consumers to discover the quality car offers with the aid of providing key insights and treasured resources, like the iSeeCars loose VIN test document.