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Kootenai County woman sentenced for coverage fraud


SPOKANE, Wash. – A Kootenai County lady who falsely claimed she was injured in an automobile accident was sentenced on Monday for insurance fraud.

An investigation by the Idaho Department of Insurance discovered forty-five-12 months-vintage Ximena McKenna reported to Nationwide Insurance that she changed into a passenger in a car coincidence in November 2015.

McKenna became handled for injuries in her neck that she claimed to have gotten while the automobile became rear-ended. Further investigation discovered she was not in the vehicle at the time of the coincidence.

coverage fraud

McKenna became observed responsible on two counts and sentenced to 2 years supervised probation and one hundred hours of the network carrier. She changed into also was ordered to pay a $five 000 pleasant, $1,180 in restitution to the Idaho Department of Insurance, and $1,365 in restitution to coverage provider Country Financial, in addition to court expenses.

Often, automobile injuries arise so quickly that you will be shaken up or even in shock. This anxiety can lead you to mention things that can severely harm your potential to receive compensation for each asset’s damage and personal injuries.

After the twist of fate, you start wondering if you may have achieved something to save you the car damage. Human nature leads many humans to reflect onconsideration on something they’ll have accomplished to contribute to the accident, even though, in reality, the twist of fate has become now not their fault. However, a phrase of caution: DON’T make one form of statement to the police or insurance adjusters.

We are certainly now not advocating, which you lie about. However, you do not always volunteer records that can, in truth, be irrelevant to the case. Suppose you volunteer these statistics to the Police. In that case, it will end up in the police report, possibly, and this fact WILL be used in opposition to you to diminish or get rid of repayment for your case, even though the statistics are irrelevant to the real reason for the accident.

Likewise, an insurance claims specialist (every so often called an “adjuster”) will use these statistics in an try to shift blame, although only in part, to you, and thereby decrease the fee of your declaration, if not eliminate your recuperation all collectively. If you have records you believe did not purpose the twist of fate but could be wrongly used towards you, you should talk with a skilled automobile accident lawyer first.

Here are four examples of records that can or might not apply to your vehicle accident case and that you shouldn’t volunteer to an officer or insurance adjuster: “I was on the phone.” Cell phone use is presently one of the top driving distractions in Texas. If you mention that you have been on the phone at the time of the accident to any insurance declaration expert, they will most probably anticipate that you had been the cause of the car coincidence and that, as a. As a result, you don’t deserve any reimbursement for your injuries. Instead of giving biased coverage agent records concerning doubtlessly erroneous and beside-the-point facts, permit the Police to use the points to determine the auto accident’s proper motive without volunteering details.