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4 killed whilst 2 motorcycles collide on Southern California canyon road


Silverado Canyon, Calif. — Four people were killed Sunday when motorcyclists with one passenger each collided in Orange County, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The crash took place around 4:30 p.M. In Silverado Canyon, some 40 miles southeast of L.A.

CBS Los Angeles’ Desmond Shaw, stated from over the accident scene, stated he could not zoom in because “it is a totally grotesque scene.”

He said the California Highway Patrol became investigating the accident, and no other automobiles seemed worried.

Officials said men and two ladies had been said lifelessly at the scene.


The CHP said the crash passed off while a motorcyclist heading north tried to bypass a vehicle at a bend in the road. That motorcyclist crossed the double yellow strains and hit the alternative bike owner head-on.

“It’s a pretty terrible scene,” stated CHP Officer Florentino Olivera. “Probably one of the worst ones we’ve got visible in a while.”

The automobile’s driving force the bike tried to bypass stayed on the scene to inform the CHP what occurred.

Motorcyclist Cynthia Fox wasn’t connected to the crash however came using paying her respects. She lives a few miles faraway from the twist of fate. “My heart goes out to all their families,” she said.

Olivera said there’s no purpose of passing some other car, specifically not around a blind turn.

“Be affected person with drivers in front of you,” he said. “If they are going the rate limit, and you’re in a rush for some motive, do not overtake that car if it will be too risky for you.”

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