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Tom Greco has been the CEO of Advance Auto Parts, Inc. (NYSE: AAP) because of 2016. First, this newsletter will evaluate CEO repayment with reimbursement at different huge agencies. Next, we’ll consider the growth that the commercial enterprise demonstrates. And finally – like a 2d degree of overall performance – we can look at the returns shareholders have acquired over the last few years. This process should give us a concept of approximately how appropriately the CEO is paid.

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How Does Tom Greco’s Compensation Compare With Similar Sized Companies?

Our records suggest that Advance Auto Parts, Inc. It is well worth US$11b, and the total annual CEO repayment is US$8.9m. (This parent is for the 12 months to December 2018). While we usually examine overall reimbursement first, we observe that the salary component is less, at US$1.1m. We looked at a collection of groups with market capitalizations over US$8.0b, and the median CEO total compensation was US$11m. Once you start searching for huge corporations, you want to take a wider variety because there, in reality, aren’t that lots of them.

So Tom Greco is paid around the average of the corporations we checked out. While this data point isn’t especially informative on my own, it profits more meaning when considered with business performance.

You can see, beneath, how CEO reimbursement at Advance Auto Parts has changed through the years.

Is Advance Auto Parts, Inc. Growing?

Over the remaining three years, Advance Auto Parts, Inc. Has grown its profits according to the proportion (EPS) with the aid of an average of 2.Zero% per year (the usage of a line of pleasant healthy). Its sales are up to three.2% over the last yr.

I’m not especially inspired utilizing the revenue boom. However, it is good to peer a modest EPS boom. It’s clear the performance has been quite respectable, but it falls quick of first-rate, based on these records.
Has Advance Auto Parts, Inc. Been A Good Investment?

Given the whole lack of 4.Four% over 3 years, many shareholders in Advance Auto Parts, Inc. Are likely alternatively disenchanted, to mention the least. It, therefore, is probably frightening for shareholders if the CEO were paid generously.
In Summary…

Tom Greco is paid around the same as maximum CEOs of large corporations.

We would love to look relatively more potent in keeping with percentage growth. And we think the shareholder returns – over 3 years – were underwhelming. So many would argue that the CEO is honestly no longer underpaid. Shareholders may additionally want to test for free if Advance Auto Parts insiders are shopping for or promoting shares.

Important note: Advance Auto Parts won’t be the first-rate stock to buy. You may discover something higher on this list of thrilling agencies with excessive ROE and coffee debt.

We intention to carry you long-term centered studies evaluation pushed by way of fundamental records. Note that our evaluation won’t issue within the latest fee-touchy employer bulletins or qualitative cloth.

If you notice a blunder that warrants correction, please contact the editor at editorial-team@simplywallst.Com. This article by Simply Wall St is standard in nature. It no longer represents a bit of advice to buy or sell any stock and does no longer take account of your targets or your monetary scenario. Simply Wall St has no role within the shares noted. Thank you for analyzing.

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