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BMW Made a One-Off X7 Pickup Truck Just to Carry Motorcycles


BMW Motorrad Days in Germany celebrates Beemer’s dual recreation and adventure bikes. Still, this year, there was a new kind of visitor sporting the familiar blue-and-white roundel badge on the bike show: the one-off BMW X7 Pick-up, which mixes the 340-horsepower powertrain of the carmaker’s new crossover with the frame and suspension of a high-quit toy-hauler.

The X7 Pick-up — loaded with a BMW F 850 GS within the bed — turned into prepare with the aid of the BMW Group’s vocational trainees and the help of the organization’s Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions.

The young talent at BMW commenced this challenge with a well-known X7, the organization’s present-day and most costly crossover vehicle. The group hand-made the truck mattress using incredibly polished teak timber slats for a perfect marriage of luxury and sturdiness and added 3D-published parapet factors, hand grips, and trim strips.


Because they built this concept to be a bike hauler, the team ensured the truck mattress measured seventy eight.7 inches long with the tailgate open to accommodate a GS. Along with the roomy bed, BMW also outfitted a peak-adjustable two-stage air suspension to handle the bike’s brought weight.

Not only is the X7 Pick-up able to haul bikes, but it’s also a true 5-seater. Although the truck is 4 inches longer than the standard X7, the X7 pick out-up became 440 kilos lighter than its manufacturing sibling by using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer within the roof, rear doors, and other places.

If this conversion wasn’t superb enough, the X7 select-up went from concept to actual-lifestyles avenue-criminal journey device in ten months to the difficult paintings of the 12 trainees from the employer’s Munich manufacturing unit. (They even used a former take-a-look at automobiles for the vehicle’s basis, making the idea more sustainable.)

While the BMW X7 Pick-up concept may not be something you can buy in showrooms, it’s still a notable example of the astounding talents the business enterprise’s trainees pick out up throughout their time with the agency — and a manner to present Beemer riders a brand new Bimmer to imagine including to their garage.

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