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Classic car rent: ‘Drive a automobile with soul’


Last month, when Charles and Camilla visited Cuba, the couple were visible absorbing the sunshine in a very restored sixty-six-year-antique MG TD, an extraordinary sight on an island in which many nonetheless choose to power rusting Cadillacs, Chevrolets, and Dodges.

Cuba is widely known for its love of unfashionable vehicles, and the Prince has had a life-length love affair with racy roadsters, so it was no surprise he gave the chauffeur the break day and drove the MG himself. He instructed onlookers who amassed to watch the couple arrive that the automobile ‘has a potent accelerator. It is close to the brake, so you must be cautious. You don’t press the wrong one.’

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If you analyze what makes you wish you could spend the day disturbing approximately pressing the incorrect pedal on a vintage sportscar, you must consider touring BookAclassic. The website is the brainchild of Danish entrepreneur and passionate car fanatic Claus Stig Christensen. It has been described as the Airbnb for cars. Listing extra than four 000 iconic motors – from Jaguar E-Types to Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows and AC Cobras – in 36 countries, it offers owners a threat to make money from their rare engines and also the risk to experience using a car with soul, magnificence, and charisma. With charges beginning from approximately £one hundred fifty consistent with the day, consisting of coverage, choosing which version you’ll lease is the toughest selection.

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