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Car twist of fate leads to death investigation


LAREDO, TX (KGNS) – What started as a crash in Central Laredo led police to a demise investigation. Authorities have been called out to the 3200 blocks of San Francisco at the intersection of Locust in which an unmarried car coincidence had taken area. When officials arrived, they found an automobile that had collided right into a cement barrier.

Police say they discovered a man in the car on the passenger’s side. The guy was recognized as Samuel Hernandez, fifty-one, who changed into rushed to the health facility after the critical accident. Unfortunately, Hernandez died five days later; however, the police refused to give up on their investigation.

After reviewing some of the proof, police could determine that every other person turned worried, and this was no twist of fate. Their search led them to Alfredo Salinas, 50, who had allegedly got into an altercation with Hernandez before the crash. Authorities say the attack led to the suspect allegedly taking the sufferer in the automobile after using the sufferer into the wall.


Salinas then allegedly fled the scene but did now not escape. He will be dealing with greater prices. After an extended day at paintings, I was driving down the throughway when a under the influence of alcohol driving force going eighty MPH swerved into my lane. I tried to preserve control of my vehicle as I should experience the wheels dropping touch with the pavement.

My automobile rolled two times and crumpled in opposition to the guard rail. I even had major accidents in my lower back, and several fractured ribs, and I may have suffered a concussion from the vehicle accident. What do I do after a car coincidence like this?

Motor vehicle accidents can be annoying, life-changing events that can negatively impact the relaxation of the victim’s lifestyle if no longer dealt with with the right care and information. That is why the sufferers of automobile injuries must observe those steps to decrease healing time and maximize the repayment for injuries sustained in the coincidence.

Guarantee your safety by turning to your danger lighting and staying in your automobile until all visitors have cleared the scene of the twist of fate. If you watched that you have sustained a spinal or back injury, stay secured in the vehicle and call the paramedics for instant clinical attention. Often, victims of vehicle crashes exit their cars and maintain further harm from any other motorist or themselves. This can increase your restoration time and preserve you from playing your existence.

Collect Personal Information from all events worried; this consists of contact and coverage information. Contact statistics and memories from witnesses of the automobile crash are extraordinarily useful in giving the jury or insurance adjusters better details of how the accident occurred. An experienced vehicle coincidence legal professional can use witness testimonies to help you recover the repayment you deserve following an automobile crash.

You should now not use the opposing birthday celebration’s insurance carrier without consulting a first-rate auto coincidence legal professional. Insurance adjusters aren’t trying to provide you with the reimbursement you want to finish your healing.

Seek Medical Attention for all accidents sustained in the motor vehicle accident. Suppose you do now not acquire a well-timed clinical take care of an injury in an automobile accident. In that case, your healing may also take longer, and the value of your declare may decrease. Well, promotor automobile accident legal professionals are linked to some of the best medical centers, so contacting a nearby automobile accident lawyer for a referral may be beneficial for further remedy.

Retain a Car Accident Attorney to symbolize you in your non-public harm declare. Often, victims of motor vehicle accidents attempt to pursue the claim independently, only to find themselves in a deeper hole than they determined themselves in originally. Deciding the fee of a vehicle twist of fate declares without the know-how and revels in a motor automobile accident legal professional may be almost impossible. Between assessing destiny medical charges and misplaced wages, at the side of the capability for domestic care, the price of a vehicle accident declares need to be calculated with the aid of a lawyer with years of revel in.