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Hospitals are saving lives with CAR-T. Getting paid is some other tale


WASHINGTON — Penny Trentham’s hospital is missing extra than one million dollars. For about seven months, medical doctors at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center in Richmond have been treating patients with CAR-T therapy. This modern scientific technique uses someone’s cells to fight in opposition to their most cancers. It’s a final-ditch attempt that could cure sufferers who’ve run out of other alternatives. However, it’s high priced — the drug treatments themselves cost hundreds of lots of dollars, and the prolonged health center stay can bring the full invoice much better.


For every patient Massey Cancer Center has treated, Trentham is still awaiting insurers to pay the bills. She isn’t even certain if the medical institution is breaking even. “We’ve no longer been paid on the ones, and it’s been several months,” said Trentham, vice president of managed care and payer members of the family for VCU Health, whose job is to install agreements among the hospital and insurers to make certain processes like this get paid for. “It doesn’t suggest there’s a hassle, necessarily.

These are very complicated claims. But we’ve now not been paid.” And Trentham isn’t the handiest one — hospitals around the united states, leaping at the opportunity to provide a lifesaving remedy to people living with cancer, are grappling with a scenario full of monetary uncertainty. While CAR-T therapy has been in the marketplace for about 12 months and a half, Medicare will determine how to pay for the treatment. Many personal insurers who comply with Medicare’s cause set their costs and put in place one-off preparations inside the period in-between — every of that can take months to settle.

Whether hospitals will recoup sufficient cash to cover their expenses remains an open question. The ad-hoc fee panorama threatens to put off the promise of the treatments seriously. Right now, about one hundred thirty scientific centers within the U.S. Are even set up to offer the treatments, and it’s probably that less than 2,000 patients were handled, based totally on records supplied using the organizations that manufacture the 2 CAR-T treatments authorized by using the Food and Drug Administration.