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Idea and Kia announce partnership for linked vehicle offerings in India


Kia Motors India, a division of the South Korean company Kia Motors, plans to use IoT Solutions from Vodafone Idea Business Services, a department of the Indian operator Vodafone Idea, to enable an array of connected car services. Kia’s UVO-related vehicle device will debut within the Indian market with the new Kia Seltos, which is defined as a technologically advanced and refined mid-SUV.

The partnership among the organizations will enable the Kia Seltos to feature advanced linked vehicle functionality. Vodafone Idea’s information in automotive IoT will, the companions say, help Kia install a strong, related solution inside the Indian marketplace by integrating SMS with voice, 3G/4G statistics, SMS, secured APN provider, and API integration. The answer empowers Kia to discover its cars, permit actual-time alternatives of facts and electricity, a variety of telematics-enabled connected automobile offerings to its customers, and navigation that reflects real-time visitors.


UVO is defined through Kia as ‘an advanced, dynamic and revolutionary connected car answer that seamlessly integrates your smartphone, vehicle and its infotainment device into a single unit.’ This imparting is now not particularly going to be a feature of the Visit Vodafone Idea stall at India Mobile Congress (IMC 2019) in Aerocity, New Delhi, from 14-sixteen October.

A few might argue that it is the ultra-modern level in a manner. Hence, through the years, it enhanced vehicle-primarily based connectivity to the point that vehicles become self-using. However, this final result is probably exceptionally reliant on ubiquitous 5G. It continues to be at the trying-out degree, albeit many trials now occur worldwide.