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Gallery: Concept automobiles of Geneva 2019 shine LEDs and glowing tires at the future (and past)


Each March, it’s a toss-up as to whether the most astonishing part of the Geneva Motor Show is the barrage of loopy, document-smashing hypercars or the deluge of equally loopy, idea-scary concept vehicles. This year, we supply the threshold to the hypercars. However, the concept motors aren’t ways at the back. The Geneva 2019 automobile navy includes masses of plug-in electric powered power strength, some flexible off-road hardware, and restoration of one of the coolest retrofuturistic automobiles ever.

We’ve already seemed greater strict at a number of the big idea debuts, from the fabulous Italdesign DaVinci to the quirky VW ID Buggy. A few other highlights we haven’t looked at extensively: Golden Sahara II brings the destiny of the beyond again to the prevailing. The maximum dazzling new idea vehicle in Geneva isn’t unique in any respect, and it is not even a traditional concept car. But the Golden Sahara II on show at Goodyear’s sales space is newly rediscovered. It packs enough wild tech and styling to make it experience plenty to secure a few of the many cutting-edge concept vehicles of the display, even 65 years after its initial debut.


Based on a 1953 Lincoln Capri Hardtop, the Golden Sahara is an extremely-flashy, excessive-tech custom vehicle born from a glad twist of fate. After the base automobile became involved in a roof-scalping crash, the closely custom-designed Golden Sahara debuted in 1954 at the Petersen Motorama. The shimmering two-tone car right now captured the general public’s imagination and spent the following few years traveling US automobile indicates and dealerships as a promo automobile, grabbing interest with its bubble canopy, dashboard-integrated TV, refrigerated cocktail living room, and pearlescent paint with real fish scales blended in.

Later in the 50s, the Golden Sahara moved from a cool, flashy custom automobile to a full-blown sci-fi surprise. The v2.0 update blanketed the addition of a while-leaping digital tech, together with push-button guidance, aircraft-inspired guidance, acceleration, and braking lever whole with remote manage operation, voice control features, and an automatic braking system with bumper-integrated antenna sensors. It also became equipped with backlit orange glow-in-the-darkish Neothane tires developed via Goodyear. The legend of the Golden Sahara II grew as massive as its bulging US$ seventy-five 000 (over $650,000 nowadays) improvement value, and it even became a film megastar, performing in the movie Cinderfella with Jerry Lewis.

As speedy as it had risen to fame, the Golden Sahara II disappeared from the public eye, customizer, and owner Jim Street all of a sudden and took flight from public appearances sometime in the past due to the 60s, hiding it away in a garage for a complete half-century. The well-known car did not resurface till Street surpassed away in the past due 2017, and it made its manner public sale. Chicago vehicle museum Klairmont Kollections bought its ultimate May from Mecum Auctions and collaborated on its recuperation with Goodyear and Speakeasy Customs and Classics earlier than the huge Geneva display.

Even 65 years later, with much of its headlining tech now realized or exceeded in production and improvement, the Golden Sahara II sincerely instructions interest, drawing in crowds like a sparkling 4-wheeled Elvis fit. In reality, we had to come back several times before we could effectively cut through the hundreds and snap a few images. It stays a have-to-see car. Alfa Romeo explores electric-powered energy with the Tonale concept. It’s now not a smooth venture to observe a one-of-a-type recovery like the Golden Sahara II, but if there is one car that is probably as much as it, it’s the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Alfa already has one of the sexiest SUVs obtainable in the Stelvio, and now it blends convenient, organic Italian style with its first plug-in hybrid powertrain in the Tonale. Alfa stays alternatively tightlipped on specifics, announcing merely that the small application automobile uses its twin-motor electric powered-ICE powertrain towards sportier driving and extended efficiency. The motive force can control those two dreams thru a sequence of pressure modes that includes complete-output “dual motor” mode, hybridized “natural” way, and full-electric “enhance e” mode.

While it has a cutting-edge look with fantastic-taut front and rear lighting fixtures signatures, the Tonale is loaded with heritage cues, starting at ground-degree with the 21-in rotary dial wheels inspired using the 33 Stradale. Other historically-rooted layout factors include a forward-pouncing stance derived from the GT Junior, flank volumes inspired by using the Duetto and Disco Volante Spider and a current reinterpretation of the “three plus three” headlights of the SZ and Brera.

The Tonale has us searching ahead to the generation of electrification at Alfa Romeo. IED outfits the city farmer with the Honda Tomo. One of the maximum fun aspects of the Geneva display is the inflow of concept motors from layout teams of doors foremost vehicle brands, from layout homes to up-and-coming scholar designers. Often some of the most memorable automobile forms come from the students, and this yr, one of these is the lovely little Honda Tomo from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED).

Specifically, 13 Masters in Transportation Design students worked with Honda Design to deliver the Tomo to life, in a follow-as much as final yr’s unique but similarly compelling Hyundai Kite buggy/jet ski. The Tomo even comes complete with a manga backstory about Coner, an IED scholar from the year 2025 who splits his time between residing within the town, unleashing his creativity at his design studio, and working in a fruit and vegetable garden within the united states of America.

Tomo means “friend” in Japanese, and the ideal car is designed to be precisely that of Coner. The 13-foot (four-m) electric-powered automobile is optimized for maneuvering deftly through strong European city centers; however also consists of a small pickup mattress hidden in its mini-vehicle hatchback profile, giving Coner the ability to haul crates of results and veggies from you. S . A. To metropolis. It’s now not difficult to assume an unusual, compact electric-powered mini-pickup racking up some critically useful miles, whether or not hauling fruit from you. S. To the city center or wearing journey gear from the throughway to a wooded area. We want one. Jump immediately to the gallery for a fuller observe the numerous intelligent, innovative, and visionary concept vehicles of Geneva 2019.