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CFMoto Confirms Three New Motorcycles For India In 2020


Ahead of its Indian debut on 19 July 2019, CFMoto has confirmed that it’ll launch three new motorcycles using July 2020. These include the 400NK naked streetfighter, the 400GT adventure tourer, and the fully-faired 300SR.

Out of the three, the CFMoto 400NK and the GT have been on sale in international markets for some time now. Both are powered by way of the equal 400cc liquid-cooled, dual-cylinder motor, which churns out 41.4PS of energy at 9,500rpm and 34.4Nm of torque at 7,650rpm, mated to a 6-velocity unit.

What separates them, even though, is their layout and reason. While the 400NK is a proper street naked with KTM Duke-inspired, 400GT is an all-out adventure-tourer with a tall adjustable windscreen, long-tour suspension, and a larger gas tank.


The completely faired 300SR changed was showcased because of the 250SR concept again in May 2019. This transformed into a fully focused music tool with a dedicated driving role, slick tires, no head or taillights, an Akrapovic exhaust device, and the complete package deal.

But as much, as we’d like to see a quarter-liter track motorcycle, the production model lamentably might trade in a number of its parts for a more practical approach. Considering the ‘300’SR badging, we count on it to be powered by the equal engine seen at the 300NK. This 292.4cc unmarried-cylinder mill churns out around 34PS and 20.5Nm of torque.

We count on the Chinese firm to price the 400NK and the 400GT between Rs three.50 lakh and 4 lakh. Similarly, we assume the 300SR to carry a fee tag of around Rs three lakh (ex-showroom). We’ll give you all the updates leading up to the launch, so, stay tuned!

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