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Ola and Uber to discontinue carpooling offeringn


The Karnataka Transport Department has directed Ola and Uber (cab services) to stop carpooling offerings in Bengaluru immediately, eliminating the identical from their phone application.

“Action may be taken against Ola and Uber if they continue to feature the carpooling option. It’s not permissible underneath the existing Act. We will write to the authorities to take a selection of carpooling offerings. Till then, such services might be illegal,” VP Ikkeri, Transport Commissioner, told ET.

The selection was taken in an assembly with the representatives of Cab aggregators and cab drivers. While Ola and Uber taxi drivers have welcomed the choice, it will possibly discomfort the clients dependent on the provider, which became famous for being an inexpensive opportunity.


Tanveer Pasha, president of Ola, Uber, and TaxiForSure Drivers and Owners Association, stated, “Carpooling choice is extensively used; however, the money earned is insufficient to meet the prices incurred by cab drivers. Picking numerous passengers from exceptional places is useless for cab drivers as it’s no longer worth the effort.”

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