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Reasons to Buy All-Terrain Tyres


Though they’re not as exciting as their off-road counterparts and don’t have aggressive tread patterns, all-terrain tires are still a popular option. Buying tires isn’t cheap, and purchasing the right set will help you avoid an expensive mistake. Here are a few reasons to consider all-terrain tires.

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You Don’t Drive Through Mud Very Often.

If you’re not a mud enthusiast, you may not need Nitto Trail Grappler tires. Many people run trail tires just for their looks, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it may not always be the best choice from a price and performance standpoint. There’s a general misconception that all-terrain tires won’t work in the mud, but that’s not true. If you don’t remember the last time you went down a muddy trail, all-terrain tires are a more sensible choice.

You Stay Off Rocky, Tough Trails

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4WD tires aren’t just for the mud; they’re just as effective on rocky, ledged trails. The big lugs and open spaces of mud tires help your vehicle climb tough terrain, and many models extend the treads down the sidewalls for extra protection from punctures and other damage. However, many all-terrain tires have similar features, and if you’re not a rock-climber, you may not need such a specialized set of tires.

You Drive a Lot

One of the biggest benefits of all-terrain tires is their durability. They last much longer than mud tires, and the difference can be quite substantial. Most all-terrain sets are made of harder rubber compounds, which diminishes off-road performance, but increases tread life.

Of course, your tires’ longevity depends on factors such as vehicle weight, alignment, and driving habits. On average, mud tires last about 45,000km, but all-terrain tires may last twice as long.

You’re Focused on Fuel Economy

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our tires’ weight, but it’s an important consideration. With each acceleration, your engine must move the entire weight of the vehicle. With their aggressive tread patterns and big lugs, mud tires are heavier than all-terrain units.

All-terrain tires weigh less, so they offer less rolling resistance. Therefore, choosing this type of tire will help you save money and reduce the number of filling station stops you make.

You’re Looking for Versatile Tyres

In the simplest terms, mud and trail tires are specialized equipment. They work well on rough terrain, but they don’t do so well on other types of surfaces. While all-terrain units aren’t as well-suited to tough terrain, they work great across various roads. Though some of us envision ourselves as rough off-roaders, we spend most of our time on paved roads. All-terrain tires work well here, and they hold up well to the occasional off-road excursion.

Closing Thoughts

The choice between off-road and all-terrain tires can be tough, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a tire. We can help you find the right set of tires, no matter what you’re driving. View your local tire dealers’ selection of Nitto tires for sale online or call them to talk to one of their friendly, knowledgeable fitment experts.