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Stephen became too right to be proper


The heartbroken family and buddies of a young guy killed in a car crash have unfolded their devastation at the tragic loss. Stephen Gleeson (21), from Nenagh, Co Tipperary, died on July 1 in an early-morning twist of fate. His parents, Rita and Mark, said their son was “an extraordinary individual” who “just appeared too exact to be true.”

His father said Stephen had an avid interest in doing up motors, which began at a very younger age. At age eleven, he bought his first car, a Ford Capri, with financial savings from his communion money and small donations from his mother and father. “We used to visit the auto shows in England, and I took him places when he became shopping for donor motors and bits and pieces,” Mr. Gleeson told the Independent. Ie.


“He sold an Mk1 Fiesta then. He did the Fiesta up to the final. “He’d be wheeling and dealing. He’d be available and say, ‘I’m after making a proper few quid off that lad,’ but I think people wouldn’t rip him off because he was so younger. “They had probably given him greater than the parts were worth. It changed into tremendous to witness it.”

Fuelling his love for restoring and repairing motors, his dad and mom constructed Stephen’s storage in the back of their residence. He could spend hours on stop remodeling the Ford Fiesta, which he completed operating on the day earlier than the twist of fate. Stephen’s ruby pink cars might be given “pleasure of region” at a vehicle display in Nenagh at some stage in the August financial institution vacation.

His older sister, Nicole, stated they had been “so close,” developing up and controlled to nurture their dating, notwithstanding doing their “own issue” as they grew older. “We always checked in on each different. We’d continually ensure that every one of our days was going OK and everyone was glad. He becomes very an awful lot quietly supportive and loving,” she stated.

“If all of us ever did whatever or hurt me, he was raging. He became a form of like a huge brother in a few approaches. “We were all we had growing up. We grew up in the middle of nowhere, so we did the entire thing together. Every recreation, each stroll, it turned into simply Stevie and me.” Stephen’s mom said the aid of the network and his friends had “kept us going,” in addition to being an “actual mirrored image” of his person.

“It’s best at a time like when you recognize how much the network pulls collectively and how it could devastate a whole network. You suppose that it’s just a small circle, but it ripples out from it,” his father brought. Stephen, nicknamed ‘Stevie’ or ‘Stevo’ with his loved ones’ aid, was keen on techno music and galas. His girlfriend, Jade, said she liked him from the primary time they met four years ago.

“Every time I see him as I’d continually have butterflies. He had this type of reasonable head on his shoulders, so smart,” she stated. “He constantly had an activity; he had something to look ahead to. He lived his lifestyle the manner you should.”


Stephen’s near adolescent friend Kieran “looked up” to him, usually turning to him for advice. The pair were as “thick as thieves.” Another close buddy, Courtney, said his “presence usually just lit up the room.” Stephen and three different men, two in their early 20s and a 19-yr-antique,, traveled alongside the Portroe to Gary Kennedy road when the twist of fate occurred.

Stephen, who was inside the again seat, turned into stated lifeless on the scene. A Garda spokesman said: “The different three occupants of the auto, two guys in their 20s and one guy in his past due teens, had been taken to University Hospital Limerick with non-lifestyles-threatening injuries. Gardai are appealing for facts.” This became fantastic to the jury, who felt that minor damage to the automobile supposedlittler harm to the occupant. So they presented a smaller amount of cash on the case.


You ought to cooperate with cops investigating the case. Answer the law enforcement officials’ questions factually. Don’t wager or estimate. Do not volunteer statistics or comment on the twist of fate to the police witnesses or other drivers. Do no longer admit any fault for the coincidence.
Do not signal any portions of the paper. In a few states, you will be asked to signal traffic tickets, but this is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing.
You have to look at it if requested or threaten to drop your license.


As soon as the coincidence is feasible, it’d be an excellent idea to be looked at by a doctor. Even if there aren’t any initial signs of pain, there could have been damage finished to the neck or spine. Sometimes humans get injured in automobile injuries, but because one’s injuries do not show up right now, they do not search for clinical remedies directly.

If a short time after your automobile accident, you or considered one of your passengers broaden pain in the neck or back otherwise, you experience you are laid low with a mental or emotional disability caused by accidents to the head. See a doctor. You could need to peer a neurologist if you have a head injury. Head injuries can arise, although you don’t hit your head. This is what came about to Natasha Richardson, who died from head injuries in a skiing accident. This is referred to as a “contrecoup” concussion.