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Top 5 Tips for Buying Static Caravan


So you are thinking of buying a static caravan? That is a wise decision. Although there are many things to be said about life and van life on the road, there are numerous reasons for buying a static caravan. Your base will be permanent, allowing you to redecorate it for holidays easily.

Static caravans are also great to use as boltholes where you can escape when you want. Whether you spend a few weeks at the beach during summer or live a few months in your caravan, your property will make all these possible. As with purchasing campervans and other types of RVs, the following are tips to consider when getting your static caravan:

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Know the Right Insurance to Get

Many holiday parks need you to have coverage, including public liability insurance. While it is not a legal requirement, getting insurance for static caravans is imperative so that you cover them against all risks, including damage and destruction.

Apart from policy coverage, you might as well want to ensure that you will deal with a reliable insurance firm. If an insurer is not showing their review site and rating, consider tapping into Google.

Decide the Location

This can be a new holiday destination. So you might want to make sure you choose a destination you love. Areas with lakes provide stunning scenery, and there will always be something new you can explore.

Lakesides are also peaceful and tranquil parts. Plus, you can’t run short of what to do and things to see, not to mention that they are suitable for static caravans and families alike.

Ensure the Holiday Park Has All the Things You Want

Based on your needs, you might want to choose one of the holiday parks offering everything you want. A few used caravans for sale are already pitched on a holiday park, while others might need to be transported to your preferred garden.

Some parks also provide amazing facilities for every family, including kids’ adventure playgrounds, clubs, creches, and swimming pools.

Determine the Costs of Owning One

The Pitch fee is the highest cost involved in owning static caravans. The price may vary between $2,500 to $15,000, based on what holiday parks have to provide in terms of your pitch position, facilities, and location.

On top of that, other fees could be connected to living costs, like water, gas, and electricity. Every expense you need to meet must be part of the written agreement.

Choose between Pre-Owned and New

Most pre-owned caravans can be bought in new condition for a good price. But for issues, brand-new units are more suitable as they come with manufacturers’ warranties. Plus, new teams have heating systems that are effective and efficient.

The Bottom Line!

A static caravan is one of the luxury lifestyle investments allowing you to escape your daily life without the hassles of traveling overseas. In addition, they are perfect for older couples, younger families, and people who take impromptu trips.