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UM Motorcycles To End Alliance With Lohia Group


UM, Motorcycles, a logo registered within the US and a subsidiary in India below the UM International LLC name, will end its alliance with Lohia Auto. According to reviews, the five-yr-old partnership didn’t pass in addition to predicted, and now UM has determined to head on my own under a brand new logo named UM+. Neither UM, nor Lohia has made any authentic assertion about the cut-up, and while contacted using a car and bike, UM officers did now not respond. However, a few reports suggest that the selection is nearly final, and UM will set up a new manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

UM will now look at a 2nd shot at the sector’s biggest two-wheeler market with a selection of new launches and strategic partnerships. While the whole motorcycle portfolio will want to be prepared to fulfill the Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) emission rules, UM may wish to introduce twin-channel ABS to enhance its dealership footprint across India. According to today’s rules, all motorcycles above 125 cc want to have ABS from April 1, 2019, and UM did not have any fashions with ABS, and dealers had been sad that the client’s call couldn’t be met with those fashions. From April 1, 2020, all engines can even want to be BS-VI-ready.


Reports nation that when the brand new employer is formed, the control will ask current sellers to resign from the UM-Lohia partnership and input into sparkling agreements with the new entity. While there have been indications of recent UM fashions coming into the marketplace, the break up within the partnership and problems with its dealers could be a setback to UM’s fortunes in India. What occurs over the following couple of months could be interesting to peer what the destiny holds for UM in India.

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