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Here’s why Tesla does not want a brand new Model S


The Tesla Model S is seven years vintage at this factor. Not that it indicates, but Tesla’s first extant version is getting to the point where an ordinary automaker could have been working on a substitute for the past three years and getting ready for a car show debut. But Tesla is not an everyday automaker.

And by way of that, we suggest Tesla isn’t operating on a subsequent-gen Model S at all, nor is it running on a replacement for the Model X, which has been in manufacturing since 2015.

Asked point-clean on Twitter regarding a next-gen Model X, Elon Musk poured some cold water on rumors of each a next-gen Model S and Model X, a month after mysterious sedans with barely one-of-a-kind headlights had been spotted testing inside the LA vicinity. Musk has indicated on numerous events that Tesla might introduce slow changes to the automobiles — the Model S got a front to cease to refresh a few years back — however, the modifications soon could be restrained to but some other refresh.

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Last month rumors swirled approximately such a refresh for the Model S, one that might consist of adding a 400-mile lengthy-variety battery alternative, amid speak that Tesla has been shifting matters around at its Fremont plant beforehand of the start of manufacturing of the Model Y. Believe it or no longer, there is a quite exact case for now not updating the Model S. It’s not too one of a kind from the cause Dodge has no longer redesigned the Charger in pretty a while.

With the aid of now, the Model S isn’t always the income chief for Tesla — that role is played by the Model 3 — and the future for sedans of all sorts is asking quite bleak in the intervening time, electric or now not. Other automakers have problems selling lately redesigned sedans, while others are searching out ways to cut existing models.

Tesla is experiencing a decline in income, but remodeling the Model S from scratch might be expensive regardless of its undertaking. Simultaneously, the agency is working on releasing manufacturing of the Model Y and cranking out extra Model 3s for distant places markets. Investing in a brand new Model S would be an extravagance in the intervening time, from that perspective.

The case for a new Model S could be a bump in income as early adopters would rush to buy it whether or not they needed to — like a brand new iPhone — however that bump could be short-lived for Tesla, and probably now not enough to warrant the investment. In recent months Tesla has been working to simplify the production of all fashions, all the way down to slicing paint options and adjusting pricing up and down from month to month.

At the quit of the day, a redesigned Model S could be a big sedan with approximately the same variety. There hasn’t been a massive leap in battery tech that might double its type overnight. Absent that improvement, pouring cash into distinct outside pores and skin may not make feel.

Despite a susceptible enterprise case for a complete Model S redecorate, we should see any other minor Model S cosmetic update in the next few years. It may not be drastic and might be the kind of refresh you’d be a Tesla fan to spot inside the first place. Here are a few examples that it’s no longer simply an occasion showcasing awesome automobiles most effective.

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