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‘We don’t buy used automobiles. We buy your vehicle’, says CARS24 in its new marketing campaign


Selling an automobile is a fairly painful process that takes several weeks of effort concerning interplay with strangers, permitting test rides, and haggling for price. Additionally, getting the RC transferred and ensuring which you are becoming paid in complete can take extra months. But CARS24, a developing tech-enabled used automobile agency, aims to convert the way people promote automobiles in India.

“Not simply from a transaction, but additionally an enjoyable point of view. CARS24 allows vehicle owners to sell their motors within two hours of an unmarried visit to one of the many CARS24 branches, with instantaneous price into their bank money owed and also takes complete responsibility for all of the paperwork inclusive of RC transfer,” the employer says in an announcement.

But more than functional ease, CARS24 desires to pass the communication round promoting an automobile from an in simple terms transactional experience to a greater emotional and noteworthy one. The attempt is to copy the equal feeling of joy that one experiences while shopping for a vehicle – at the same time as selling it as well. Vikram Chopra, Co-founder & CEO, CARS24, says, “A used vehicle isn’t always just a used automobile, it’s someone’s automobile. Something that has been cherished and valuable. At CARS24, we understand the value of these reminiscences.

Used CarsThis is why we consider that the final power you take together with your car earlier than promoting it, have to end in a high-quality experience at CARS24 additionally.” The tale is woven round CARS24’s new brand positioning – ‘As you power to a CARS24 to sell your vehicle, live with the beautiful reminiscences created for your vehicle, leave the issues of promoting to us’ – is proven through two new digital films: Gupta’s #ByeByeDrive and Mukherjee’s #ByeByeDrive Along with the films, the logo has also gotten a fresh look with a new brand and layout language geared in the direction of growing an emotional hook up with its customers.

“We love the sector of vehicles. For us, it’s no longer just business. And this has stimulated the new identity as well. All design elements are inspired by ordinary things we encounter whilst using, giving it an extra non-public touch. Our brand, as an instance, includes factors from range plates and the zebra crossings.

The concept is to cause an emotional join for the client via the lens of reminiscences and associations,” brought Chopra. Campaign crew: Director: Vinil Mathew Executive Producer: Swadha Shetty Production House: BreathlessFilms Brand Partners: Spring Marketing Capital (Raja Ganapathy, Vineet Gupta, Arun Iyer, Akash Das, Rohan Talati, Noopur Khandekar, Ajay Ramaswamy, Azharuddin A, and Tom Jose)