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Toronto brothers out about $four,000 after windshield cover smashes home windows


Two brothers’ idea they had determined the ideal issue to assist them in addressing Toronto’s freezing winter climate – a nylon cover meant to protect a vehicle windshield from snow and ice — but the device ended up inflicting a bigger headache than clearing off the automobile. Ken Paisley got here through a video of the product when they used Facebook one day.

The cover is removed from the car in the video, and the windshield is freed from ice and snow. He paid approximately $20 for a shelter or even bought a couple for his spouse and brother as a Christmas gift. “I concept it turned into a tremendous idea for preserving snow off the windshield and coping with ice,” Ken stated. “We used it 5 to 6 times and had no hassle … I didn’t contact the windshield with my brush.”

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After a lot of nudging from Ken, Steve Paisley stated that he used the product for the primary time to shield his car from a current winter storm that struck the GTA. When he awakened the following morning, he noticed damage to his vehicle. “It becomes flapping on my motive force’s side, away from me as I changed into strolling to my automobile,” Steve stated. “I went around and right away noticed my roof smashed in.

At first, I idea I was robbed. However, I appeared within the vehicle, and it was full of snow and broken glass.” Steve’s sunroof changed into smashed, and his windshield became cracked. The magnets embedded into the nylon of the windshield cover had crashed into his windows after robust wind gusts had lifted the quilt. Steve was known as his brother, and while Ken went to check on his vehicle, he determined that his windshield cowl changed into additionally partially unattached from the car.

The idea that his sunroof changed into covered in ice, but it was virtual “absolutely shattered.” “The windshield changed into cracked the following day,” Ken stated. Each brother must spend around $2,000 to update their automobile’s windshield and sunroof. “It’s past phrases I can say in public. I became so indignant, furious,” Ken said. “He felt guilty after that,” Steve stated of his brother. Ken contacted the internet site where he purchased the product but has now not obtained a reaction. CTV News Toronto also attempted to reach out to the agency via email. However, it did no longer hear again.

There are several variations of the windshield covers. Most have flaps that tuck into an automobile door and a few tie-round facet mirrors or connect to the wheels. At the moment, the Paisley brothers caution other purchasers to preserve a watch out for products that use magnets, particularly if they plan on using them at some point during storms. “I simply wouldn’t assume that a product could have that fault,” Ken stated. “For this to appear simply from wind gusts, something ought to be accomplished better with the manufacturers.”