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REPORTING FOR 2019-07-10 deeply evaluated how SORL Auto Parts, Inc. ($SORL) has been trading over the past two weeks and beyond day in particular. On its state-of-the-art session, SORL Auto Parts, Inc. ($SORL) opened at 3.72, attaining a high of 3.81 and a low of three. Seventy-two earlier than last at a price of three.75. There turned into a total quantity of 41519.

VOLUME INDICATORS: We saw an accumulation-distribution index of fifty-nine. 67605, an on-stability quantity of -3.74, a Chaikin cash glide of 1.0, and a force index of 0.0006. There changed into an ease of movement rating of 3e-05, an extent-rate trend of zero.50357, and a negative volume index of one thousand.0.

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VOLATILITY: We noted an average actual variety of 0.07128, Bolinger bands of 3.72914, a higher Bollinger band of three.70086, a decreased Bollinger band of 3.72, and a Bollinger excessive band indicator of one. Zero, Bollinger low band indicator of 1.0, a crucial Keltner channel of three.Seventy-five, high band Keltner channel of 3.Sixty-six, a soft band Keltner channel of three.84, a high band Keltner channel indicator of one.0, and a smooth band Keltner channel indicator of 1.0. There was a donchian channel excessive band of three. Seventy-two, a donchian track smooth band of 3.Seventy-two, a donchian channel high band indicator of one.0, and a donchian channel soft band indicator of 1. Zero.

TREND: We calculated a Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) of -zero.00022, a MACD sign of -0.00012, a MACD distinction of -0.0001, a quick Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicator of three.Seventy-two, a slow Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicator of three.72, and an Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) of unknown, an ADX tremendous of 20.Zero, an ADX poor of 20.0, a nice Vortex Indicator (VI) of 1. Zero, a bad VI of 1. Zero, a fashion vortex distinction of one., 02398, a Trix of 9.97151, and a Mass Index (MI) of one.Zero, a Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -sixty-six. 66667, a Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) of -0.44136, a KST Oscillator (KST) of 134.61748, and a KST Oscillator (KST Signal) of 134.61748 (leaving a KST distinction of -0.76251). We also discovered an Ichimoku score of 3.765 and an Ichimoku B rating of three.765, an Ichimoku visible trend A of three.4408, an Ichimoku visible trend B of three.51951, an Aroon Indicator (AI) up of four.0 and an AI indicator down of four. Zero. That left a difference of -4.Zero.

MOMENTUM: We discovered a Relative Strength Index (RSI) of fifty.Zero, a Money Flow Index (MFI) of 100.0, a True Strength Index (TSI) of a hundred.0, and the last oscillator of 100.Zero, a stochastic oscillator of 100.0, a stochastic oscillator sign of a hundred.0, a Williams %R rating of 697.67442, and a splendid oscillator of -0.01493.

RETURNS: There was a day return of 13.46175, each day log go back of -0.26918, and a cumulative go back of -0.26882.

What the heck does all of this mean? If you’re new to technical analysis, the above can be gibberish to you, and that’s OK (even though we suggest learning these items). The backside line is that AS OF 2019-07-10 (in case you are studying this later, the analysis may be out of date), here is what our deep evaluation of technical signs is telling us for SORL Auto Parts, Inc. ($SORL)…

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DISCLAIMER: We are not registered investment advisers and the above analysis should be taken at face value simplest. We strongly suggest buying or selling SORL Auto Parts, Inc. ($SORL) based totally on our evaluation above and are not answerable for any losses you may incur if you pick making any funding choices based totally on the above.

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