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New law requires readable, coloration-coded variety plates for motorcycles


MANILA, Philippines – To save your crime from being dedicated with the help of bikes, a new regulation calls for all bikes to have larger, more readable, coloration-coded range plates and identification marks. The new degree – Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act or Republic Act No 11235 – was signed using President Rodrigo Duterte on March 8. A replica of the law was released to the general public on Thursday, March 14.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will enforce the new range plate machine. It is ordered to issue those new quantity plates, which have to be readable from a distance of at least 15 meters and be readable from the front, again, an aspect of the bike. The full variety plates should also be color-coded in line with a scheme devised by the LTO, which fits a color to a place. Motorcycles need to have a wide variety of plates inside the paint, corresponding to where the motorbike becomes registered. Law enforcers may have an easier time identifying the starting place of a motorcycle.


An individual caught using a bike without the new variety plate will be punished via prison correctional (6 months and one day to six years) as said within the Revised Penal Code or will have to pay a quality of now not much less than P50,000 but no longer extra than P100,000 or each. Without the proper quantity plate, law enforcers can stop and seize a motorcycle.

The motorbike’s owner can simplest retrieve it after complying with the range plate requirement. The law also provides the consequences to the owner, motive force, and backseat passengers of motorcycles used to devote themselves against the law. Racers have inside the beyond been used in murders, together with within driving-in-tandem schemes wherein the shooter shoots from the return of a bike while the driver whisks them out of the crime scene.

If the crime attempted or dedicated is a grave legal, the owner, motive force, and backside might be punished using reclusion temporal (12 years and one day to 20 years) to reclusion Perpetua (imprisonment for a minimum of 30 years, after which the convict turns into eligible for pardon). If the attempted or dedicated crime is less grave, the punishment is prison correctional to jail mayor (6 years and one day to twelve years).