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Surat replaces Bardoli as Asia’s oldest used car marketplace


Surat: Bardoli, a town in Surat district, after reigning as Asia’s biggest used-car market, has lost its crown to the Diamond City. More than three 000 old motors are being sold each month in Bardoli to consumers from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, and different places inside you. S. A. However, Bartoli’s used car market misplaced its location in the Diamond City in the last four years, finishing its stranglehold on the commercial enterprise for a long time.

Out of the 20 used automobile dealers who once dominated the secondhand car market, there are fewer than five left in Bardoli. Market Resources said the annual turnover of used-vehicle commercial enterprise in Bardoli became over Rs200 crore a few years ago. Bardoli Used Car Market president Balkrishna Patil stated, “We have misplaced everything to Surat.

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Earlier, Surat’s agents could come here to strike a deal in used vehicles; now we must visit Surat.” Asked about the motive for this shift, Patil stated, “Many businesses used car companies have installation shops in Surat. Customers looking to promote or purchase used cars visit the showroom of such agencies and strike a deal. Also, office work inside the RTO for the switch of ownership is quite prolonged while you purchase a used vehicle from Bardoli compared to Surat.”

Hanif Bhimla, a used automobile dealer in Bardoli, said, “The used vehicle marketplace of Bardoli is at the downhill. As soon as they used to deal with us, small agents have now opened their secondhand automobile meal in Surat’s Varachha and Katargam regions. We rarely sell three automobiles in a month against eighty, keeping with the month a few years ago.” Another vehicle dealer in Bardoli, Saeed Patel, said, “In the following few years from now, Bartoli’s used automobile marketplace will perish. Customers are going to Surat for promoting and shopping for used vehicles.

The infrastructure in Surat is better than Bardoli.” Sharad Patel, a used-automobile provider in Surat, said, “There are, as a minimum, 30 used vehicle meals taking place in Varachha all days per week. We get clients from Surat and different parts of us to promote and shop for cars. They now not go to Bardoli due to value things and different benefits provided via us.”

Henry Balsari, a used-automobile broker in Surat, stated, “The used car market in Surat picked up after demonetization in 2016. I even sold seven motors in the final days and earned big earnings. I charged Rs50,000 extra on the used car’s market cost if the birthday celebration made a charge in scrapped foreign money. We hold books and take PAN card reproduction of a purchaser if the deal exceeds Rs2 lakh.”